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Without the aid of prejudice and custom I should not be able to find my way across the room.


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Woman Killed By 7,600 Pound Elephant

A Mansfield native was killed by an Asian elephant last week. X had been working with the elephant at a wildlife sanctuary in Tennessee.

Authorities ruled the incident an accident and say the elephant's life will be spared.

A sanctuary executive says X was hosing down the elephant when she tried to check on a swollen eyelid. The executive says the elephant wheeled around, the handler fell backward and the animal stepped on X, killing her instantly.

In a statement posted Saturday, the sanctuary said that X was devoted to the elephants, many of whom came from performance backgrounds.

"X made it perfectly clear in word and deed that no harm should come to any elephant no matter their action," the statement said. "She shared the Sanctuary's philosophy that Winkie will not be punished for her actions but managed in a way that keeps another innocent caregiver out of harm's way."